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    Aqua Peeling

    Improve Pimples / Skin Pores / Blackheads
    (Midface / Entire face)
    Basic Products VAT not included
    Aqua Peeling (Entire Face) (1 time)
    Entire Face
    Treatment Guideline

    Remove demodex, sebum and waste products inside your skin pore

    Change your oily skin with excessive sebum into a rich, moist skin!

    Treatment Procedure Aqua Peeling
    STEP 01
    Self face wash
    STEP 02
    X Lotion Aqua Peeling
    1st Stage AHA
    2nd Stage BHA
    3rd Stage Supply moisturization
    STEP 03
    Modeling MASK
    STEP 04
    Advantages of Aqua Peeling
    Helps improve the skin texture!
    Helps reduce blackheads and whiteheads!
    Enjoy a moisturized, mineral-rich skin!
    Enjoy a clean skin with keratin and sebum removal!
    Recommended for...
    someone who need caring/maintenance of skin pores
    someone who secrete a large amount of sebum
    someone who are worried about their makeup being spoiled due to sebum and keratin
    someone who are worried about their blackheads

    Aqua Peeling Q&A

    Can I receive an Aqua Peeling even though I have a lot of oil and acne on my face?
    Because Aqua Peeling uses AHA and BHA (water soluble, fat-soluble) components, it can be treated on all skin types.
    How many times do I have to receive the treatment?
    There is no excessive strain on the skin by receiving the treatment twice a week.
    Thus, the more you receive the treatment, the better it is for your skin!
    How long is the treatment process?
    The treatment process is separated into three stages. The total time is about 40 minutes. Go to suggested Add-on treatment "Laser Peeling"
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    Black Peeling
    Natural black vinegar peeling using fermented black rice
    Oxygen Peeling
    Low-stimulus Waste Product Management
    Whitening and Peeling Effect
    Possibility of putting on makeup the day of the treatment
    While it’s possible to put on makeup from a hour after the treatment, we recommend you to not put on makeup the day of the treatment.
    After Care Instructions for Aqua Peeling
    Aqua Peeling is a peeling treatment that has a relatively lower strain on the skin. Thus, there is not much to be cautious, but we recommend refraining from doing sauna peeling for 1~2 weeks. It’s ok to wash your face on the day of treatment.