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    Aladdin Peeling

    Recommended for complex skin problems such as skin pigmentation, skin trouble, skin pores, keratin and others
    Basic Products VAT not included
    Aladdin Peeling 1 time(Excluding extrusion)
    NEW 알라딘필 1회 (압출포함)
    NEW 알라딘필 1회(압출미포함)
    Aladdin Peeling 1 time (Includes extrusion)
    Treatment Guideline

    Pigmentation, Skin Trouble, Skin Pore, Skin Texture, Keratin

    Complete maintenance solution for problematic skin types

    Treatment Procedure Aladdin Peeling
    STEP 01
    STEP 02
    Aladdin Peeling Treatment
    STEP 03
    Aloe Gel, Mummification
    STEP 04
    Regeneration Cream
    Advantages of Aladdin Peeling
    Improvement of Acne scar, pigment
    Improvement of keratosis pilaris
    No downtime to daily life
    Clear and elastic skin!
    Recommended for...
    Those who are thinking about skin whitening due to pigmentation
    Those who need treatment for skin trouble and/or acne wounds
    Those who want to reduce their skin pores
    Those who are worried about their keratosis pilaris


    When is the keratin decomposition complete?
    Keratin decomposition is active 3~5 days after the Aladdin Peeling Treatment. It may cause some discomfort in your daily life.
    Please take extra care in moisturization and regeneration management after the surgical process.
    Is it possible to have a laser treatment simultaneously?
    It’s difficult to simultaneously have other treatments because the Aladdin Peeling is a relatively strong peeling treatment. Normally, you can have another laser treatment 2~3 weeks after the Aladdin Peeling.
    Is it ok even if the keratin in my skin doesn’t exuviate?
    There are diverse reasons for not having keratin exuviation after having the Aladdin Peeling Treatment. It could be because the cornified layer is thick, preventing the micro-needle (spicule) from properly penetrating. It could also be because the skin regeneration process is slower than normal.
    If there has been no keratin exuviation even after 2 weeks, please mention it during consultation before your next medical treatment. We will customize the setting for you.
    How many times should I receive the treatment?
    It’s recommended to have 3 trials, 2~3 week(s) apart. Go to suggested Add-on treatment "Skin Regeneration Care"
    Honey Peeling
    Removes facial keratin using AHA, BHA components
    Moisture Bomb Care
    Strengthen skin to reduce moisture loss with highly enriched ampoule
    Aqua Peeling
    Improve Pimples / Skin Pores / Blackheads
    (Midface / Entire face)
    Black Peeling
    Natural black vinegar peeling using fermented black rice
    Oxygen Peeling
    Low-stimulus Waste Product Management
    Whitening and Peeling Effect
    Skin Regeneration Care
    Focus on skin regeneration on the irritated skin & Relaxation Treatment
    Possibility of simultaneous laser treatment
    It’s difficult to have another laser treatment simultaneously.
    A different laser treatment is possible 2~3 weeks after the Aladdin Peeling treatment.
    After Care Instructions for Aladdin Peeling Treatment
    - Please refrain from washing your face the day of the treatment. We recommend having a light wash from the day after the treatment.
    - 3~5 days after the treatment is a time when keratin dispersal is the most active. Please put on regeneration cream regularly. Also, do not try to get rid of the keratin with your hands or washing them off with water. Forcefully removed keratin could cause wounds and/or pigmentation, which could lengthen the recovery period.