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    NEW ACU Injection

    An upgraded, highly concentrated but low dosage version of the injection used for molding facial outline.
    Correct your jawline, double chin, cheek fats and facial line
    VAT not included
    Goodbye Double-chin Package
    [Tue/Wed/Thu Event] Shurink 100 shots (Double-chin) + Premium Acu Injection (Double-chin) 10cc
    Available Time slots
    Dec. 1 ~ Dec. 15
    (Weekday/Sat) 10:30 am ~ 8:00 pm / 4:00 pm
    Basic Products VAT not included
    ACU Injection (1 time)
    ACU Injection (3 Times)
    Treatment Guideline

    Upgraded Contour Injectioin!

    Treatment to manage your jawline/ double chin/ cheek fats

    Treatment Procedure NEW ACU Injection
    STEP 01
    1 on 1 personal consultation
    STEP 02
    Ice roller
    STEP 03
    Check originality and right dosage of the product
    STEP 04
    Process the treatment
    Advantages of  NEW ACU Injection
    Takes 10 minutes!
    No Downtime
    Natural Jawline
    Slim Facial Line!
    Recommended for...
    Those who want a sharp jawline
    Those who are worried because they regularly have an excessive double chin, cheek fat or others
    Those who want to experience a larger effect than that of a normal injection for facial outline shaping
    Those who want a slim face shape

    NEW ACU Injection Q&A

    What is different from a normal injection for facial outline shaping?
    The NEW ACU Injection is a more concentrated version of a normal injection for facial outline shaping. It is a treatment process done if the body part has a lot of fat accumulated, or if the client wants an even larger effect. It is done only after a significant amount of consultation.
    How long does the effect last?
    While the duration of the effect differs based on how well the after care methods are followed, normally the effect lasts for about 6 months ~ 1 year.
    While you can experience the effect after one injection, our clients have normally shown high satisfaction after three injections. The effect may differ based on the skin status of the client. Go to suggested Add-on treatment "Jaw Botox"
    Jaw Botox Injection
    Jaw Reduction
    Create slim jawline!
    Dermatoxin Botox
    Moisturized skin, elastic texture, wrinkle improvement Skin Resilience, elastic texture of the skin Soften facial lines
    Shurink Lifting
    Ultrasonic Lifting / Ultraformer 3
    Contour Injection
    Manage your facial fat in your
    double chin / jawline and others!
    Super Facial Shaping Injection
    An upgraded, highly concentrated version of a facial shaping injection!
    After Care Instructions for NEW ACU Injection

    1. Please refrain from doing makeup or washing the treatment area until 2~3 hours after the treatment.

    2. Symptoms such as swelling, redness and others naturally heal in 2~3 hours.

    3. From 10 minutes after treatment, please do a soft massage for 1~2 days. This allows the medicine to be evenly distributed.

    4. It is possible to temporarily experience shivering, palpitation, and dizziness after the treatment. However, if it continues long-term, please contact us.

    5. It is possible to have an irregular bleeding. Although it heals after a period of time, we recommend consulting with the physicians in your next treatment.

    6. Please drink a lot of water.
    Differences from Contour Injection
    - It is a more concentrated fat decomposition injection. It possesses the advantage of having a lower swelling compared to the contour injection.