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    Triple Body Treatment

    High Frequency + Medium-low Frequency + Diode Frequency (660nm)
    Basic Products VAT not included
    Triple Body (1 time)
    Treatment Guideline

    Triple Cynergy effects on leg swelling, blood circulation and fat breakdown

    Complete your slim body shape at MUSE CLINIC!

    Advantages of Triple Body Treatment
    Promote blood circulation and smooth body line
    Thin fat layer and smooth skin
    Can receive other treatments at the same time!
    Remove swelling and promote blood circulation at ONE time! 
    Recommended for...
    someone who has concern with fat mass and cellulites
    someone who lack of blood circulation
    someone who wants to improve skin elasticity
    someone who needs to manage body shape from lack of exercising and dietary

    Triple Body Q&A

    What is Triple Body?
    Triple body is a treatment that uses high & medium radio frequency and laser (660nm) simultaneously.
    It is effective in boosting the blood circulation and breaking down the fats that were accumulated on the upper parts, and decreasing edema on the lower parts of your body.
    Triple Body Treatment vs. Mega Skinny Treatment
    Mega Skinny Treatment uses extracorporeal shockwave therapy machine to help boost blood circulation, remove cellulites and breakdown fats.
    Similar to Mega Skinny Treatment, Triple Body also uses the same machine, but it also uses medium & high radio frequency + laser (660nm) for the same impact.
    Choosing either one depends on your constitution, but if you have extreme cellulite and have low-ability of blood circulation, you may receive the treatment either at the same time or one at the time.
    When will I see the effect?
    You will be able to experience the increase in blood circulation with only one trial.
    Also, with the constant treatment, you will be able to experience breaking down of fat, better blood circulation, reduction in cellulite, and slim body shape.Go to suggested Add-on treatment "Girls-group Injection"
    Body Botox
    Trapezius muscle/ Calves/ Thigh/ Arms
    Mega Skinny Treatment
    Reduces fat particles and cellulite using external shock waves
    Girls-Group Injection
    Highly concentrated recipe
    Upgraded fat reduction effect
    Anti-obesity Drug Prescription
    Prescription of Obesity Medicine after consultation with the physician
    - For this treatment, there is no downtime, and specific instructions for the treatment. Due to high & medium radiofrequency treatment, pregnant woman, patient who has cancer or with artificial heart pump, is not allowed to receive the treatment.