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    Shurink Lifting

    Ultrasonic Lifting / Ultraformer 3
    Basic Products VAT not included
    Shurink 100 shots (1 part)
    Shurink 300 shots
    Treatment Guideline

    Lifting up skin elasticity from the bottom of the skin

    Boost skin resilience with natural lifting effect

    Treatment ProcedureShurink Lifting
    STEP 01
    Self facial cleansing
    STEP 02
    STEP 03
    Apply ultrasound gel
    STEP 04
    STEP 05
    Sunblock& B.B cream
    Advantages of Shurink Lifting
    Minimize bruises Facial Swelling!
    Generates Skin Resilience!
    No Downtime
    Revive with Youthful Skin!
    Recommended for...
    worried about a sagging face.
    desiring a tight and smooth face-line.
    sick of counting wrinkles and creases.
    looking for a simple but effective treatment.

    Shurink Lifting Q&A

    When will I see the Shurink lifting effect after the treatment?
    Shurink (Ultraformer 3) effects vary depending on your skin conditions and how you care. Results can usually be seen gradually in 2-3 weeks after a single treatment, with effects lasting up to 3-6 months. For best results, we recommend you to do this treatment every 1 month, 3 sessions in total. 
    Is it possible to return back to my normal daily routine right away?
    After the treatment, you can resume your daily routine right away, and you can apply make-up and wash your face after 2-3 hours.
    Is it possible to receive ‘Injection Treatment’ before & after the Shurink lifting?
    It is possible to receive both treatments at the same day. However, we recommend you to first receive Shurink lifting then receive Injection Treatment due to the bruises and face swelling from the filler treatment.Go to suggested Add-on treatment "Dermatoxin Botox"
    Dermatoxin Botox
    Moisturized skin, elastic texture, wrinkle improvement Skin Resilience, elastic texture of the skin Soften facial lines
    Facial Filler
    Atiere/ E.P.T.Q./ Neuramis/ Yviure/
    Restylane/ Juvederm/ Belotero Filler
    Month average 1300 times of practices !
    Original product & Correct dosage of the product!
    Thread Lifting
    Ultra/ Tornado/ Omega/ Super Omega/ MINT Lifting
    One-point face lifting
    Tighten jawline
    Ulthera Lifting
    Availiable for checking on the product originality, lifelong lifting!
    Duet Thermage
    High frequency Lifting, Neck wrinkles re-modelling
    Shurink Lifting vs. Thread Lifting
    - Shurink Lifting is a treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to shurink layer of fat and fascia, and helps to regenerate the collagen in the skin. Thread Lifting is a treatment that inserts thread into the desired facial line area of improvements.

    *Duet Thermage is a treatment that inserts radiofrequency energy into the skin layer to generate collagens. This process will straighten up fine facial lines and increase skin elasticity.
    Receiving Shurink Lifting & Injection Treatment at the same time
    - It is possible for you to receive both treatments at the same time.
    After Care Instructions for Shurink Lifting Treatment
    1. Slight redness and burning on your face may last for 2 to 3 hours after the treatment.

    2. Please take a good care of your skin by relaxing and moisturizing after the treatment and do not forget to apply sunblocks before going out.

    3. Refrain from using functional cosmetic and peeling treatment that may stimulate your skin. Feel free to makeup and face wash.

    4. Refrain from having sauna for a week after the treatment.