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    Mouth angle Botox / Mouth angle Filler

    Lip Golden Ratio
    Enjoy a smooth p through Oral Commissure Lifting
    Basic Products VAT not included
    Oral Commissure Botox
    Treatment Guideline

    Natural-looking smile with upturned oral commissure

    Improve lip line with simple treatment

    Treatment Procedure Oral Commissure Botox / Oral Commissure Filler
    STEP 01
    1 on 1 personal consultation
    STEP 02
    Anesthetic cream
    STEP 03
    STEP 04
    Process the treatment
    Advantages of  Oral Commissure Botox / Oral Commissure Filler
    Takes 10 minutes!
    Simple Treatment!
    No Downtime
    Natural-looking Volume Effect
    Recommended for...
    someone who has uneven lip
    someone who wants thick lip and natural-looking oral angle
    someone who is concern with drooping mouth
    someone who is concern with thin lips

    Mouth angle Botox / Mouth angle Filler Q&A

    After having a oral commission filler, when can I start eating again?
    You can start eating 2~3 hours after the treatment.
    Is the treatment hurt?
    Anesthetic cream is applied before the treatment and since there is an effect of the anesthetic in the filler, it is less painful.
    Why does the filler maintenance differ by person and the area of the treatment?
    It differs from the type of filler individual chooses and the speed of breakdown/absorption ability of hyaluronic acid varies by person.
    It is best to find the filler that suits you the best.Go to suggested Add-on treatment "Nose Filler"
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    Aquiline Nose, Curved Nose, etc.
    Correcting nose bridge & nasal tip.
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    Restylane/ Juvederm/ Belotero Filler
    Month average 1300 times of practices !
    Original product & Correct dosage of the product!
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    Jaw Reduction
    Create slim jawline!
    Dermatoxin Botox
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    One-point face lifting
    Tighten jawline
    When can I consume food after the lip filler treatment?
    - After 2-3 hours after the treatment.

    Will I have severe bruises and swollen lips
    - Lip is an area full of capillary vessels and it is made out of mucous membrane; therefore it may have bruises from the treatment needle. However, bruises will be gone within a week, so don’t worry about it!
    ■After Care Instructions for Oral Commissure Package■

    1. Makeup & face wash on the treatment area is allowed after 2 to 3 hours.

    2. Refrain from drinking alcohol, going to the sauna, and doing an excessive exercise for a week to prevent infection.

    3.Bruises, swollen areas, and pain may last for 1 to 2 weeks.

    4. Please be aware not to press hard or to apply pressure on the treatment area as the nose may deform.

    5.Unless you are allergic to antibiotics, it is recommended for you to obtain prescribed antibiotic.

    6. Please contact the clinic ASAP if the treatment area gradually gets darker or when you feel the severe pain and get blisters.

    7. Please be aware of your injected area to be unexposed on the UV light.

    8. There may be a skin necrosis after filler injection. If you feel pain or the treatment area gradually gets darker, please contact the clinic ASAP.

    9. After the treatment, there may be severe swollen areas or itchiness due to the allergy reaction.

    *These side effects occur rarely after the treatment. However, if the symptoms get severe, please contact the clinic ASAP.