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    Picosure Laser Toning

    Premium Toning Laser
    VAT not included
    Premium Pico Whitening Package
    Premium Toning Laser
    Available Time slots
    Dec. 1 ~ Dec. 15
    (Weekday/Sat) 10:30 am ~ 8:00 pm / 4:00 pm
    Basic Products VAT not included
    Pico Toning 1 time
    Pico Toning 5 times
    Pico Fraxel (Butterfly Zone)
    Pico Fraxel (Whole face)
    Treatment Guideline

    Premium Toning Laser

    Improve Blemish / Pores / Scars / Whitening

    Treatment Processes Premium Pico Whitening Package
    Week 1 
    Pico Toning + Pico + Pico Zoom Pass Blemish Clear Mode (Business card size) + LDM Water drop Laser
    Week 2
    Dual Toning + Oxygen Peel + Cryo-regeneration
    Week 3
    Pico Toning + Gold Therapy
    Week 4
    Dual Toning + Premium Whitening Treatment
    Week 5
    Pico Toning + Pico Zoom Pass Blemish Clear Mode (Business card size) + Cryo-regeneration 
    Week 6
    Dual Toning + Honey Propolis Treatment 
    Benefits of PicoSure Laser
    Various pigmentation and lesion improvements
    Quick and effective whitening, Improve pigmentation
    Reduced treatment times, Minimize pain 
    Recommended for...
    Who wants to get rid of dark freckles and pigmentation
    Who wants laser with reduced pain and side-effects
    Who wants quick results with few treatment times

    PicoSure Toning Laser Q&A

    How is it different from normal toning?
    PicoSure Toning, using 755nm wavelength can destroy melanin more effectively than normal toning which uses 1064nm wavelength.
    Also, 1000 times higher irradiation power than normal laser toning causes less damage to surrounding tissues, at the same time giving a quicker and better result.
    What is zoom pass?
    This treatment removes pigments by acting on pale pigments and freckles on the skin surface, at the same time giving a face whitening effect. 
    Compared to IPL, this treatment is more delicate, which can apply to areas where IPL is not accessible, such as the eyes and nose areas. 
    Single treatment is available, but pigments removal will be more effective when performed together with Pico Toning. 
    Can I wash my face and put on make up after the treatment?
    Face cleansing and make up are both available after treatment on the same day.  Go to suggested Add-on treatment "Cryo-Regeneration"
    Benefits of PicoSure Fraxel 
    Minimize pores and improve fine lines
    Improve skin tone and skin texture
    Reduced treatment times, Minimized pain
    Check if this treatment is suitable for you! 
    Who worries about painful scars and big pores
    Who concerns of dull skin tone
    Who wants to get rid of pigmentation
    Who wants quick results with fewer treatment times
    Skin Regeneration Injection
    Rejuran Healer/ Baby Face Injection/ PDRN
    Laser Toning
    Sunspot/ Freckle/ Blemish/ Scar/ Laser Skin Whitening
    Fraxel Treatment
    Regenerate acne wounds, Shrink skin pores
    Cynergy Genesis Toning
    Sunspot/ Skin Pores/ Whitening/ Blemish/ Tone-up
    Skin Regeneration Care
    Focus on skin regeneration on the irritated skin & Relaxation Treatment
    Make up after PicoSure Fraxel
    ✔ After PicoSure Fraxel, you can clean you face or put on makeup right after treatment.
    No direct scars on the skin surface, so no special recovery time is required.

    PicoSure Laser Toning recommended treatment period and times
    ✔ PicoSure Toning: Every 1-2 weeks, 10 times or more suggested.
    ✔ PicoSure Fraxel: Every 3-4 weeks, 3-5 times suggested

    Post-treatment Care Instructions of PicoSure Laser Toning
    ✔ Facial cleansing and make up are both possible right after treatmen, but avoid functional cosmetics.
    ✔ To soothe irritated skin, please pay special attention to skin moisturizing. Make sure you put on sunscreen when going outdoor.
    ✔ Redness caused by the treatment will be disappeared in a few hours. Please inform the clinic if this situation lasts for a few days.
    ✔ Avoid excessive exercises and other stimulating actions within one week after treatment.